Mudança · Myself

The game of my life, I’ll do it right


Susana Miranda Ilustración

I’m driving myself to the center of this mess.

Going from life and hell in a blink of an eye.

Finding my own away in pieces.

Having to puzzle before I even get the chance to try.


I found the destiny as a closed dark door.

And the key was safe somewhere an old man said I wasn’t worth to know.

The chains is trapping me behind the line.

I am done of someone saying that I will swim, swim and even then, die.


I’m capable of my own faith

I don’t trust that a ghost will keep me safe.

I’ll unlock my soul from this deep and dark side.

Go ahead, and I’ll take what’s mine.


The puzzle wasn’t only inside my brain

The obstacles were alive and looking me in the face

I’m not a girlie model chasing for a role to play

I’m a warrior, I did it once and I’ll do it again.


Don’t underestimate a woman going to a fight

She’ll surprise before you can take a breath,

Before you have the time.

I finished the race, I finished the line.

Now it’s my time to play and, trust me,

I’ll do it right!


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